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Finding and Applying for universities abroad is not an easy task. We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable. With the one and only most effective platform for Studying in Croatia

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“10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Croatia”

  1. Safe Country
  2. Foreign Language Courses
  3. Excellent Quality of Programs & Courses
  4. Tuition Fee
  5. Affordable Prices
  6. Number 1 in Europe for Young People with Basic or Above Digital Skills [2019]
  7. The Abundance of Job Opportunity
  8. Quality of Life
  9. Experience Beautiful Landscape
  10. Innovation and Research


Study in Croatia is committed in aiding every serious applicant that is ready to make the change necessary in his academic journey

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Muhammad Abdullah, Game Development
“One of the best decisions I made in my life, literally changed everything for me. My dream was always to study abroad and Study In Croatia made it happen. Great Customer Support”

Fatima Hammad, 3D Modeling

“Study in Croatia made everything so much easier for me, they found the perfect apartment according to my budget, got me into the university and the course I wanted, the Visa assistance was so useful, really recommend them”

Rama Devkota, Digital Marketing

“My overall experience with ‘studyinCroatia’ was amazing. I just can’t describe how helpful the service was. And Zagreb is an Amazing place to be, I just have so much potential for the future after I made this move, many opportunities opened up.”

Bachir Soltan, Multimedia Computing
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